Chili Dispensers

Nacho Grande Chili Sauce Dispenser

  • Description

This Nacho Grande Chili Sauce Dispenser maintains air tight control over your chili product, extracting more out of every bag and extending the chili life. Virtually no cleaning internally, because the chili never touches the machine parts. Faster loading, easy to line up the pump. Space for a second bag to pre-heat inside. Now with three button dispensing control adjustable settings, and improved air flow. UL approved!

This machine doubles a nacho cheese machine. Simply remove the static decal and you have a cheese dispenser.

Additional Features:
  • Product Dispense Selector Buttons
  • 3-push button on front door to select portion amount
  • Portion amount - independently controlled, set by dipswitch time setting
  • Any button can be set to manual dispense mode or time dispense
  • Increased caibinet height to allow storage of second cheese bag or cups
  • Maintain chili or cheese temperature 140-155F (adjustable)
Dimensions: 28"H x 10"W x 16"D
(71 cm x 25 cm x 40 cm)

Electrical Specifications: 120V,60Hz,15Amps

Ship Weight: 30 lbs.

Bagged Chili

  • Description
Easy to use.

What's better on warm hot dogs or nachos than chili? For use with the 5300CH Nacho Grande Chili Dispenser or Nacho Grande Cheese Dispenser.

Each case contains 4-110oz Chili bags. Each bag has a one year shelf life and can be refrigerated after opening. Comes with four disposable tips.

For larger orders, please call for best truck ship rate.

Dual Chili/Cheese Warmer

  • Description

This dual well warmer is designed specifically for chili & cheese. The twin 7 quart wells are ideal for the toppings and it comes complete with the hinged inset lids and two long-handled, 3 ounce, one-piece ladles. It is constructed out of 18/8 stainless steel and comes with Benchmark USA’s three-year warranty for worry-free operation. The extra long legs provide easy access for cleaning and the eye-catching graphics will promote sales. Whether you serve chili-cheese dogs, nachos or chili-cheese fries you’ll appreciate that the pans, lids, ladles and adaptor plate are all removable for easy sink or dishwasher cleaning. It has a covered master switch and an adjustable thermostat for all cooking conditions.

Dimensions: 21"W x 13"D x 17"H 

Electrical Specifications: 120V,60Hz,10.5Amps,1200 Watts

Ship Weight: 23 lbs.