Paragon Funnel Cake Fryer

Paragon Funnel Cake Fryer

  • Description

The ParaFryer is a Multi-Purpose Funnel Cake Fryer that can work for all kinds of venues. Our compact and portable unit is easy to use and ideal for concession stands or carnivals.

The ParaFryer easily fries traditional funnel cakes, donuts and other pastries, but can also be used for other fried foods.

        • Digital Thermostat Display
        • 240 Volt NEMA 6-20p Plug
        • Adjustable Temperature Dial
        • Stainless Steel Construction
        • 240 Volt Tubular Element
        • Actual dimensions: 18"w X 23"d X 11.5"h
        • Covered by Paragon's three-year warranty

The fryer lid can mount to the side which functions as a drain rack. The oil drain valve allows easy clean-up, and has a slide bit lock to avoid accidental drainage.