Pretzel Haus

GREAT TASTE: authentic recipe and ingredients
The unique Pretzel Haus pretzel recipe was developed by a third-generation certified master baker, trained in Germany to work with the highest-quality ingredients to produce an authentic soft pretzel.

CONSISTENCY: always soft, moist and flavorful — NEVER frozen

With the flavor and moisture sealed in the package, Pretzel Haus pretzels are soft, moist and full of flavor every time. And because they’re never frozen, you don’t have to worry about serving a pretzel with a cold center

REDUCED COST: eliminates spoilage and freezer costs
You can sell every pretzel you purchase! No more throwing away pretzels that arrive broken or dry out during the day! Your pretzel holding time will be extended dramatically from a few hours to WEEKS. Shelf-stable pretzels also do not require freezers or humidifiers that cost money and take up valuable concession space.

INCREASE TRANSACTION SPEED: virtually eliminate prep time
Pretzels ship ready to heat and serve in high-quality individual packages. With our patent-pending process, our pretzels arrive pre-seasoned with salt or cinnamon and sugar, so your employees will spend less time preparing and more time selling. Simply warm them to 110-120 degrees in any foodservice warmer or pop them into a microwave for 25-30 seconds and serve. Watch your concession lines move faster and your sales increase with our pretzels

Pretzel Haus Salted Pretzels

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Easy to make, easy to sell! Now, anyone can profit pretzels. The revoluntionary No Freezer Required pretzal is now available. These pretzels can be enjoyed straight from pack or served warm. They remain soft & moist, and the same consistancy is throughout the pretzel. Enjoy a great tasting pretzel and easy profits.

Packed 50 per case.