6oz Popcorn Machines

Theater Six popcorn machine
1911-6 popcorn machine
Contempo 6 popcorn machine
Professional Series 6 popcorn machine
Metropolitan 6 popcorn machine
Street Vendor 6 popcorn machine
Ultra 60 Special popcorn machine
60 Special popcorn machine
Antique Deluxe 60 popcorn machine
Deluxe 60 Special popcorn machine
Popabout 6 popcorn machine

Our Six ounce line of popcorn machines offer Gold Medal, Paragon, Benchmark, & Cretor's popcorn machines.  When choosing a popcorn machine, be sure to weight all the features, benefits, and price.  We have a machine for just about any budget or activity.

Paragon & Benchmark popcorn machines are value priced machines offering a three year warranty & aluminum kettles.  These are very good, long lasting machines backed by a company with a solid reputation for customer service.

Cretor's popcorn machines are top-of-the-line built with sturdy welded stainless steel frames (excluding 6 oz. Nugget), stainless steel or nickel plated all steel kettles that will not pit or corrode. The clean-in-place kettle with lift-up lid makes cleaning a snap. The machines all have a red powder coated top that resists scratching. Heating features include an interior heat lamp and heated corn deck (excluding Nugget) to keep popcorn warm and crisp. Optional controls include salt/sweet switch to produce salted corn or sweet corn, One-Pop button that automates the popping cycle, and One-Pop with Counter that automates and records the number of popping cycles. Perfect for profit sharing programs or calculating corn usage.