The Cooler Snow Cone Machine

Paragon's "Cooler" is one of the most unique snow cone machines on the market.  Made of practically indestructible plastic and powered by a 1/3 HP ice shaving motor than can shave up to 500#'s of ice.  With easy rolling wheels, tinted plastic windows, easy shaving controls and a three year warranty, this machine will provide years of ice shaving snow cone service.  Order yours today!

The Cooler Snow Cone Machine

Medium Snow Cone Machine Cart

Snow Cone Syrup-Gallons

Snow Cone Syrup-Case of Four

Far Out Snow Cone Syrup

Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrup-Mixed Case


Snow Cone Syrup Pump

Can't Forget This!!

Sour Attitude

Empty Plastic 32oz Bottles

Empty Plastic 32oz Bottles w/labels

Aluminum Standard Scoop

Blue Snow Cone Shaper

Snow Cone Machine Cups-Sleeve

Snow Cone Cups-Case

Buy The Case And Save Big $$

4oz Flower Drip Trays

4oz Flower Drip Trays-Case

8oz Flower Drip Trays

8oz Flower Drip Trays-Case

Neon Snow Cone Spoon Straws

400 Ct Snow Cone Neon Spoon Straws