The Cooler Snow Cone Machine

Paragon's "Cooler" is one of the most unique snow cone machines on the market.  Made of practically indestructible plastic and powered by a 1/3 HP ice shaving motor than can shave up to 500#'s of ice.  With easy rolling wheels, tinted plastic windows, easy shaving controls and a three year warranty, this machine will provide years of ice shaving snow cone service.  Order yours today!

The Cooler Snow Cone Machine

Medium Snow Cone Machine Cart

Small Snow Cone Starter Kit

Large Snow Cone Starter Kit

Snow Cone Syrup Quarts

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Snow Cone Syrup-Case of Quarts

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Snow Cone Syrup-Gallons

Snow Cone Syrup-Case of Four

Far Out Snow Cone Syrup

Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrup-Mixed Case


Snow Cone Syrup Pump

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Sour Attitude

Empty Plastic 32oz Bottles

Empty Plastic 32oz Bottles w/labels

Aluminum Standard Scoop

Blue Snow Cone Shaper

Snow Cone Machine Cups-Sleeve

Snow Cone Cups-Case

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4oz Flower Drip Trays

4oz Flower Drip Trays-Case

8oz Flower Drip Trays

8oz Flower Drip Trays-Case

Neon Snow Cone Spoon Straws

400 Ct Snow Cone Neon Spoon Straws