Factory Seconds Popcorn Machines

Looking to save some big bucks on popcorn machine? Check our selection of Factory Seconds popcorn machines. Each of these machines carries a complete factory warranty.

How did they become FS machines? Simple, our famous delivery service thought it would be convenient to break the glass.  Next, the machine is returned to the factory where the glass is replaced, cleaned out, and re-boxed. Of course, there could be a few dings or scratches on the machines do to time in transit.  However, these are far from used. The larger machine you purchase, the bigger the savings.

We do our best to fill all blemished orders in a timely matter. Feel free to call toll free:  877-870-7829 to double check stock status. Otherwise, place the order on the web and we will contact you if stock is totally run out. Orders may be filled right away or as stock is created.  We also feature a complete line brand new machines for extremely quick shipping.

All machines marked with FS are considered factory seconds or blemished.

Street Vendor Four Popcorn Machine FS

Theater Four FS

Contempo Four FS

Theater Six FS

1911-6 FS

Contempo Six FS

Theater Eight Popcorn Machine FS