Stainless Steel Pump For A Shallow Fountain Jar

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  • Description
This stainless steel pump is ideal for dispensing thin products like syrup directly from a stainless steel or plastic shallow fountain jar (2-quart/1.9 L capacity) in a slanted rail. This slanted rail pump is designed to operate at the traditional 22-degree angle. Server stainless steel pumps feature investment cast valve bodies and welded joints for corrosion resistance. The pumps work with fingertip ease to deliver exact portions without dripping. Fountain jar not included.

Standard features include:

            • Durable, stainless steel construction with captured valve balls to eliminate loss
            • Designed to dispense from a slanted rail 
            • 1-oz (30 mL) stroke 
            • Easy-to-adjust portion control in ¼-oz (7 mL) increments
            • 2 year warranty

Maximum stroke yields 1-oz (30 mL). Adjusting portion control is made easy with the supplied gauging collars. Collars reduce portions in ¼-oz. (7mL) increments. Colored engraved knobs are available to identify flavors.