Double Dry Product Dispenser-2L

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Easy To Adjust
Wall Mount

The ability to quickly serve a consistent product is essential in the foodservice industry. Server's development of Dry Product Dispensers prove portion control for dry goods can be accomplished with remarkable accuracy. Bring on the shake program, ice cream toppings, smoothie mixes, blended coffee drinks and more. The dry product dispensers from Server will keep your menu items consistent and eliminate the consequential expense of oversized portions. Standard features include:

          • Two clear 2-Liter hoppers show off product 
          • Wide opening with lift off top for speedy refills
          • Dispense between ¼-oz and 2-oz (7 and 60 mL) by volume
            Easy-to-adjust portion control in 1/8-oz (3.4 mL) increments 
          • Silcone sleeve at end of discharge removes for cleaning
          • Accurately dispense dry products of a consistent material
          • Takes up just 10 linear inches (25 cm) of wall space with the option
            of a countertop stand, to eliminate the need for permanent mounting

    Server Dry Product Dispensers are designed to portion products like smoothie powders, iced coffee powders, mix-ins for blended ice cream drinks and cocktail powders. Consistent product that is not much bigger than ½-inch (1.3 cm) in diameter work best. Products that stick together at your ambient room temperature, such as crushed candy bars, will also stick together in the dispenser and are not recommended.

    Very fine powders such as protein and malt powders have the tendency to bridge inside a dispenser. The addition of a Free Flow Kit 86625 can solve this problem. The Free Flow accessory is designed for use in Dry Dispensers with a 2-Liter capacity only.