Snowie 1000 Ice Shaver

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The Snowie 1000 Ice Shaver is the fastest, lowest priced commercial ice shaver on the market. This Shaver is a sensible solution for those who wish to enter commercial venues on a limited budget. The Snowie 1000 is simple, fun, and easy to use. Just pour in standard ice cubes, step on the foot pedal and hold on to the cup. At up to 12 fluffy shaved ice servings per minute, the Snowie 1000 is designed to keep your lines short and your cash register ringing! This is the perfect ice shaver for those new to the shaved ice business or where space it limited. The Snowie 1000 is great for vending carts, small concession stands, or busy fast food operations.

Fill the cup with snow, then another tap for over fill. Slide the cup in and up into another of our patented features, the cone topper. That's it, no fuss, no mess, just a fluffy, perfectly packed snowie, that cup for cup, no one in the industry can match.

Snowie 1000 Shaved Ice Machine Specifications:

  • Weight, 28 lbs. 11" wide 16.5" tall & 16" deep
  • NSF Approved 115V, 1870 watt start-up, 1560 run watts 14 amps
  • Ice hopper holds 4 lbs. (nine 12oz servings)
  • Cabinet is durable, corrosion resistant, high impact plastic.
  • Self cooling 1/4 horse power motor
  • Can be operated by foot pedal or by toggle switch
  • Fills up to 12 servings a minute
  • Blade life over 10,000 servings
  • Shown in picture with workstation that is included with purchase of machine.
  • Foot Switch is included with purchase of machine.