GM Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix

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The Gold Medal "original recipe" Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix has become the favorite Funnel Cake of the professional operator.

Convenient. Six 5 lb bags per case. This mix gives you the consistency from the day you leave winter quarters till the end of the season.

Lower grease absorption. Every operator who has compared knows this to be a fact - the reason is in the recipe! Lower grease absorption is what results when you put better ingredients in your batter so that it "sears" the instant it comes in contact with 375 degree cooking oil. Little or no grease absorption means longer "pot life" on your oil - lower food costs on each Funnel Cake - more production per hour!

More profits per hour. If you have to stop to add oil, that "shocks" all the shortening in your fryer and you are "out of business" until all the shortening gets back up above 375 degrees.

More Funnel Cakes per hour. Measure your Funnel Cake success in total Funnel Cakes sales per hour - not on saving a penny on batter. You'll sell more with the deluxe mix.

The best flavor on the Midway! These Funnel Cakes taste great! A little confectioners sugar or fruit topping compliments the great tastes of these Original Recipe Funnel Cakes.

Six 5 lb. bags per case.