Mini Dogeroo

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The Dogeroo hot dog cooker is easy to clean. Each segment lifts off the Bun Warmer, Powerhead and rotisserie assembly. Lift out the tempered glass windows.

The Bun Warmer sets over a water pan and thus provides moist heat to help keep hot dogs in a bun and foil bag warm.

            • Rotates 14 hot dogs, large or small, and warms10 buns in a separate compartment
            • UL and UL Sanitation Listed, 120 Volt - 750 Watts - 6.5 Amps
            • Hot dog cradles can be adjusted to handle regular or jumbo hot dogs and/or Italian sausage franks
            • Tempered glass windows
            • Cooking time: 15-20 minutes
            • Dogeroo Dimensions 12-3/4" W x 15" D x 26-1/2" H.